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INDIANAPOLIS — The city of Indianapolis says after Thursday additional snowfall, side streets and residential streets will be plowed.

Indy DPW said on Thursday that they have hired more private contractors to tackle areas that have not been plowed all week long after two waves of snow moved through central Indiana leaving behind more than a foot of snow in some places.

It’s the first time the city’s side streets and residential roadways will be plowed for “the better part of a decade,” said Benjamin Easley, with Indy DPW.

The news is being welcomed by residents who live on Jefferson Avenue in Indianapolis on the near northeast side of downtown. Many residents there had been taking it upon themselves to clear the street with snow shovels since it hadn’t been plowed as of Thursday afternoon.

“I’ve been here all morning,” said Ivan “Jerry” Wilson, who lives on Jefferson Avenue, to WISH-TV. “I’ve been seeing people getting stuck, sliding. You know, I’ve been trying to help them but you know I’m just me.”

Earlier this week, DPW said that side streets likely would not be plowed due to a lack of equipment and funding, and because the department’s overtime budget has been exhausted from the extra hours it took city plow drivers to clear the snow from Monday’s snowstorm.

Now, the department says their newly hired contractors have 24 hours to get the snow clears off of some 3,000 miles of city side and residential streets.