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The Wicked Witch of the House believes she is exempt from the rules she expects everyone else to follow.

Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi, now opting for orthopedic sneakers over ruby slippers, led the way in adding extra security measures at the Capitol after the January 6th riots.

Those upgrades require members of Congress to pass through metal detectors before gaining access to the House floor.

Guess what happens if members of Congress bypass these metal detectors, as many Republicans have? Well, it’s Pelosi’s policy, and it levies fines on naughty rule-breakers of up to $10,000.

Of course, like all of Nancy “Elphaba” Pelosi’s “must adhere to” directives, the Speaker is apparently exempt.

That’s right; Speaker Pelosi broke her own rules this week by entering the House Chamber without going through security.

To be fair, Pelosi is kind of a big deal – just ask her. That’s why she goes to salons when the rest of us can’t. It’s also why she doesn’t wear a mask in circumstances where the face covering is unable to be utilized as a political prop.

Republican lawmakers want the Speaker to pay a fine, which seems like a reasonable request. After all, the gal spends a small fortune on ice cream.