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MUNCIE, Ind. – A Muncie man who served time for killing an elderly man is now accused of sexually abusing a teenage girl.

Robert Walker, 58, faces charges of sexual battery and dissemination of matter harmful to minors.

Walker was arrested Tuesday after his accuser told school officials that he had fondled her and exposed himself to her on Sunday. He was being held Wednesday in the Delaware County Jail.

Walker told police he had only been “talking” with the girl, according to The Star Press newspaper.

In 1990, Walker was convicted of murder by a Delaware County judge and later sentenced to a maximum term of 60 years.

Prosecutors said that, in 1985, Walker broke into the home of 82-year-old Ernest Daugherty and hit the man in the head with an electric fan. Daugherty died two months later from complications of his head injuries.

Walker was released from prison in August 2018.