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INDIANAPOLIS — Butler students and parents won’t have to worry about tuition rising.

Butler University has decided to freeze its tuition and not raise it during the 2021-2022 school year.

The freeze means that current and incoming students will pay the same amount that was established for the 2020-2021 school year.

“We decided to keep tuition where it is, and to make sure we continue to operate in a very fiscally responsible manner and try to make ends meet without putting that burden on our families,” said Butler President James M. Danko.

Danko said the tuition freeze is a direct response to the pandemic, and that when the leadership team and the board of trustees met to talk about the next fiscal year they all agreed it wasn’t the year to raise tuition.

“Most universities end up having an annual tuition increase,” said Danko. “We have done as such primarily to offset the annual costs that continue to rise.”

But this year Butler made significant budget adjustments when the pandemic started, which helped the tuition freeze happen.

“The tuition freeze is so important as students and their families continue to face unimaginable hardships,” said Maya Patel, a junior at Butler. “We can take solace in the much needed economic stability for the next academic year, allowing us to focus on our academics and finding our new normal.”