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Story by Stan Lehr

WASHINGTON–Congressman Andre Carson may have been a target. An Alabama man was indicted Monday on 17 weapons charges after police found explosive devices, firearms and other weapons in his pickup truck parked blocks from the Capitol Building during the assault last week.

Prosecutors say they also found “concerning handwritten messages” including a note naming Indiana’s Carson (D), who says 70-year-old Lonnie Coffman “had the means and opportunity to carry out his plans.”

“These were planned and organized measures to take my life, my colleagues’ lives and try to destroy our government,” said Carson.

“As a former law enforcement officer, it is especially disappointing to see the failure of law enforcement officials, including the U.S. Capitol Police, to notify individuals like myself that we were targeted and at risk from the indicted terrorist and his co-conspirators.”

Carson, who is black and a Muslim, says it is “especially disappointing” that law enforcement failed to notify him and the others who were targeted. He found out about it–from the news media.