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A CNN panel of Republicans got into a shouting match Monday night over their political loyalties and the use of the term “identity politics.”

Amanda Carpenter, the former communications adviser for Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, insulted Anthony Scaramucci for his past work as President Donald Trump’s communications director during Monday night’s edition of “CNN Tonight” with Don Lemon.

Then, towards the end of the segment, Scaramucci and Ana Navarro fought over why Americans voted for President Donald Trump.

Scarmucci blamed “identity politics,” prompting Navarro to call the term a “dog whistle” before adding, “Anthony, you’re too smart for that.”

Carpenter responded by saying, “Well, he worked for Trump, so I don’t know.”

“You worked for Ted Cruz, a full-on traitor. What are you talking about? You don’t have any standing to say that,” Scaramucci responded.

Things unraveled dramatically from there.

“Excuse me? Excuse me, Anthony Scaramucci,” Carpenter countered. “I remember you going to the cameras and praising Donald Trump to the hilt. When I worked for Ted Cruz, you want to go there? He took principled constitutional stands.

“You didn’t praise Ted Cruz when you worked for him?” Scarmucci shot back.

“Excuse me, what was that? You really think I should answer to you? With my work history, when you were Donald Trump’s communications person willingly? Get lost,” Caprenter yelled.

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