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JASPER, Ind. — Sen. Mike Braun is wanting a straight answer from Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on what he plans to do with China should he win the election in November.

Braun said whatever Biden decides to do about China could have a big impact on Indiana workers, especially those in the steel industry.

“I come from main street where, probably, as much as any senator knows how good the economy has been and part of it is due to the fact that President Trump stood up to China,” said Braun on Fox News over the weekend.

Braun said tariffs imposed on China by the Trump Administration have worked and are still working in hold China to account for not being fair trading partners in several industries such as steel and aluminum.

“Biden will have to (take on China),” he added. “Years ago, he seemed to reflect that point of view. Now, I think they have backpedaled, and not only on this issue but a lot of others. He’s going to need to give American workers and the public straight answers.”

Braun said China’s trading practices are not something the world can live with and that it has been those within the Trump Administration “that have held them accountable.”