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INDIANAPOLIS–Many faith leaders in Indianapolis have long believed violkence can be reduced by getting people in the neighborhoods involved with partnerships between government and faith-based organizations. Several pastors have a plan to call for more action from the city.

“The firs point is that clergy and community leaders have asked for a meeting with Mayor Joe Hogsett and IMPD Chief Randy Taylor,” said Rev. Phillip James, of Mt. Zion Baptist Church, one of several pastors and concerned citizens at a Sunday news conference.

James also called on clergy and neighbors to create “violence-free zones” in hotspots throughout the city, meaning neighborhoods and areas where violent crimes have been concentrated lately.

Former deputy mayor Olgen Williams acknowledged it’s not a new idea.

“The same jumper cables I used to jumpstart my 1968 Chevrolet still work on my 2008 Chevrolet,” he said. “We know this is a problem in the nation. But, we live in Indianapolis and Marion County and we want to be part of the solution.”

All of the men at Sunday’s news conference said they want to avoid the pain that more violence causes and another record-breaking year for homicides and murders.

So, James announced weekly public safety walks, a la Ten Point Coalition, in hotspots across the city. He also announced marketing and social media campaigns for peace and a request that churches preach peace from the pulpit.

The men implored every faith organization to be involved.