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Severe Weather Chances

Source: X / @NWS

INDIANAPOLIS — Rain is expected during the 108th running of the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday. The real question is, will there be a chance to have a rain-free race?

“Right now, it looks like we have a system that is going to move through, and we have a warm front that’s going to lift northward in the first part of the day,” says WISH-TV meteorologist Tara Hastings. “That’s going to bring us a few spotty showers or storms. The question is, how much moisture does that warm front have with it?”

Hastings says that a cold front moving in later in the afternoon and evening will increase the likelihood of rain on Sunday.

“So this isn’t going to be the chance of maybe a few spotty or pop-up showers or thunderstorms; this is going to be a system that moves through, and we’re going to have to watch the timing pretty closely,” she says. “There’s a good chance that many spots could see widespread rain across the state.”

Hastings says that if the system moves over Speedway, there’s a chance of dry weather. She explains that it depends on which way the rain moves and on the warm temperatures.

“I do think we will see some dry time to be able to dry things out before the next round of rain moves in,” Hastings says. “That’s the way it looks right now. Again, we are going to need some time to fine-tune that forecast and see what happens when that system gets a little bit closer. Probably on Friday or Saturday, we should have a better look at exactly when we are going to see those rain chances.”

Hastings says that the storms on Sunday could be severe.

“Right now, I think there is a chance for heavy rainfall, gusty winds, and maybe a little bit of hail,” she added.