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Palestine Protest

Source: Donnie Burgess / Pro-Palestinian supporters gathered on Monument Circle

INDIANAPOLIS — A15, the Pro-Palestine activist group says their protest in Indianapolis on Monday is still on after Iran’s attack on Israel Saturday.

The group announce a form of protest last week called an “Economic Blockade” in which people would block city streets throughout the day, stopping people from reaching businesses with ties to Israel. Annie Clark, a spokesperson for A15 did not give specific locations, but says they have researched areas throughout the city with Israeli affiliations. “We have looked at the key economic points and companies in Indianapolis that are associated with Israel and work with Israel.” said Clark.

This protest is not just limited to Indianapolis. The groups website, lists all the participating cities including Miami, Philadelphia, Detroit, St. Louis, and Oakland. International cities are getting involved as well with protests planned in places like Sydney, Australia and Seoul South Korea.

Clark acknowledged the dangers of this form of protest and people will be blocking traffic. “We’ve talked extensively about the many ways that things can go wrong. I think the key point we have to come down to is that everyone knows their personal risk assessment and what they are willing to risk in this fight, in this endeavor.”

IMPD previously told WIBC that they expect Monday’s protest to get underway around 7 a.m. They have been working with Indiana State Police to form their own safety plans for the protest.