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Eric Doden

Source: WIBC / WIBC Radio

INDIANAPOLIS — Eric Doden is a Republican candidate for governor in Indiana. He stated that his passion for public service ignited during his college years. Doden aims to bring a fresh perspective to the role of governor, emphasizing his commitment to implementing an ambitious and forward-looking agenda for the state if elected.

Doden spoke with Tony Katz as part of a series featuring all the Indiana Republican candidates for governor. During their chat, Doden expressed his worry about the decline of small towns across Indiana.

“We have room for improvement,” said Doden. “We’ve done many good things, but you can never be satisfied with the past. I think as a leader, especially as a governor, one of the most important things you do is set the tone every day for what we expect to improve, how we expect to improve it, and how you hold your agency heads accountable.”


Doden also addressed the massive projected shortfall of the Family and Social Services Administration. He said he is the only candidate on the primary ballot who will require agency heads to reapply for their positions.

“We need to protect the vulnerable,” said Doden. “In this case, you have families and kids that are vulnerable, and so if you are going to take away some of that benefit, you are putting families at risk.”

The Family Social Services Administration halted the attendant care program and other cost-saving measures upon discovering a projected $1 billion shortfall in the Medicaid budget in December.

“If you want to put a cap on it (the budget), you still can protect the vulnerable, but you still don’t have the shortfall,” he added.

Doden believes that it’s the government’s job to manage money wisely and ensure that vulnerable people are cared for and kept safe.