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Source: SOPA Images / Getty

STATEWIDE–Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita says Indiana is one of 33 states that’s suing Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram.

All of the states involved in the lawsuit say that Meta designs features to make it so that kids can get addicted easily to their platforms and did so without trying to protect kids from the toxic effects that addiction can cause their mental health.

“Our children are our most precious God-given gift, as they are our future generation. This is just the next step in our endless fight to protect our youth from harmful, toxic platforms,” said Rokita.

The complaint from the 33 states goes on to say that Meta knew that young users, including those under 13, were active on the platforms, and knowingly collected data from those users without parental consent. Some of those addictive features that leaders expressed concerns about were for things like feeds that scroll endlessly and too many notifications.

Rokita says its platform algorithms pushes users into descending “rabbit holes” in an effort to maximize its engagement.

Multiple states also sued TikTok for similar conduct.

The states also accuse Meta of contributing to a national mental health crisis.