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Kegan Kline mugshot

Source: PHOTO: Miami County Jail / PHOTO: Miami County Jail

MIAMI COUNTY, Ind. — Convicted child predator Kegan Kline is appealing his 40-year prison sentence, according to a Friday court filing.

Kline was sentenced to 40 years in prison on charges of child exploitation, possession of child porn, and obstruction of justice. He used several fake, social media profiles to message little girls and get sexual pictures from them.

Kline is not allowed to appeal the actual conviction because he pled guilty to all 25 charges against him. However, as expected, Kline is challenging the length of his stay in prison.

The fake profile “anthony_shots’ became a target for investigators specifically due to it’s ties to Liberty German, who sent messages to “anthony_shots” the night before she and Abigail Williams were murdered in Delphi, Indiana back in 2017. Kline operated the “anthony_shots” account, but has never been officially connected to, or charged in, the Delphi double murders.