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Chirs Christie presidential anouncement

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Chris Christie is at it again. The presidential candidate and former New Jersey Governor was ripping Donald Trump during a CNN town hall on Monday night, blaming him for the GOP underperforming in three straight elections.

“The American people and Republican primary voters have to start to understand this. When did we get to the point where we’re always blaming our adversaries for the weakness of our candidates? ‘Oh, it’s the Democrats fault,’ ‘It’s DOJ’s fault.’ ‘It’s this person’s fault.’ ‘It’s the media’s fault,” Christie said. “How about: ‘It’s his’? He hasn’t won a d*** thing since 2016. Three-time loser.”

“2018, we lost the House. 2020, we lost The White House. We lost the United States Senate a couple weeks later in 2021, and in 2022, we lost two more governorships, another Senate seat and barely took the House of Representatives, when Joe Biden had the most incompetent first two years I’ve ever seen in my life. Loser, loser, loser,” he added.

This is not the first time Christie has spoken out against Trump.

As Ok! previously reported, Christie admitted he shouldn’t have rooted for Trump when he was running for president.

“Turns out I was wrong,” he said during a sit-down with Jake Tapper. “I couldn’t make him a better candidate and I couldn’t make him a better president, and he disappointed me.”