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Greenwood, a suburb of Indianapolis, had a pride parade over the weekend. Tony Katz did not appreciate the reporting on the event.

This is Greenwood’s third pride event, and they had a solid turnout. WISH TV reporter, Adam Pinsker, did a report on the event that contained more than just reporting.

In his report he said some outrageous things like, “The goal of Greenwood pride is to spell myths. Things like drag show are inappropriate for kids.”

That is not a myth. Drag shows are indeed inappropriate for children. Pinsker then goes on to interview a woman who does drag shows, which is weird. Mainly men do drag. Either way, whether is it is a man or woman who performs the drag show it is inappropriate for children. Why will people who do drag not admit this?

Here is the kicker though, at the end of Pinsker’s report he says this, “With politicians ratcheting up anti trans rhetoric organizers say it is important for everyone to support the LGBTQ community.”

Who said that? Is that statement him engaging in reporting or ideology?

Also, what is ratcheting up trans rhetoric? Is people saying that men are men and women are women ratcheting up trans rhetoric? Is people fighting for women, by saying that transgender women should not be able to compete in women’s sports ratcheting up trans rhetoric?

This is not reporting.

For Tony Katz’s full thoughts, click the link below.