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Range Rover Brownsville Texas

Source: Local News / Texas local media

Texas had an extremely violent weekend. In two separate incidents 17 people lost their lives. Some from guns, others from a car.

There was a mass shooting at an outlet mall in Allen, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. The shooter took eight victims lives before being neutralized by a police officer.

Many things have been said about the shooter. News outlets have come out and claimed that he was part of a white supremacy group. Nothing has been officially announced yet.

The shooting has people talking about banning AR-15s. The police have not released any information on what type of weapon was used, but CNN reported he used an AR-15-style weapon based on photos obtained from the scene.

In Brownsville, Texas eight people were killed by a driver. Someone took their car and ran over multiple people near a migrant shelter.

A man in a Range Rover reportedly, sped through a redlight and hit several people standing near a bus stop.

The driver has been arrested for reckless driving, and more charges will likely be filed.

Police have said that they do not know the cause of the accident, but it is likely one of three things. “One, he could be intoxication. Two, it could be just an accidental one or three, it could be intentional,” said Brownsville Police Investigator Martin Sandoval.

He later added that they have yet to receive any evidence that the incident was intentional.

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