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Brownsburg resident and former MLB pitcher Bill Sampen has recently acquired the shuttered Hoosier Athletic Center. Located near I-74 and Ronald Reagan off US-136, Sampen’s company, Samp’s Hack Shack, plans to revive and expand the complex to accommodate more baseball and softball tournaments, as well as other events.

The Hoosier Athletic Center was known for its four fields, stadium lights, irrigation, concessions, and a sports bar with a second story viewing deck.

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Sampen’s redeveloped version of the complex will have more fields and added amenities. The revamped location will serve as the future home for Sampen’s travel leagues, the Indiana Expos and Indiana Angels.

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Expansion Plans and Improved Facilities of Hoosier Athletic Center

Samp’s Hack Shack has expressed excitement over the acquisition of the property. During an interview with Kendall & Casey, Sampen mentioned that they are actively making improvements and additions to the facility. The goal of the expansion and renovation is to provide the best coaching, facilities, opportunities, and experiences for all athletes.

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Sampen’s purchase of the Hoosier Athletic Center will provide a boost to the baseball and softball community in Brownsburg and surrounding areas.

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Sampen stated that the revitalized complex will offer more opportunities for local athletes to develop their skills. Eventually, athletes will be able to participate in high-quality tournaments. He hopes it will also attract visitors from other states. Thus, generating revenue for local businesses and boosting the local economy.