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Beech Grove Firearms break in

Source: WISH-TV/Beech Grove Firearms / other

BEECH GROVE, Ind. — A gun store in Beech Grove was robbed early Sunday. The thieves rammed a truck through the locked front door, got in, and took close to three dozen guns.

It happened around 3:00 am Sunday at Beech Grove Firearms. Surveillance video of the incident shows the culprits ramming an SUV through the front door, which was protected by a metal security door. They got in and, owner Greg Burge tells WISH-TV he thinks the thieves knew exactly what they wanted.

“These three misguided citizens of Indianapolis headed straight for two handgun cases,” Burge said. “The gentleman wearing a red sweatshirt got a hammer, starts busting glass, they start throwing guns (in bags). 40 seconds go by and they are gone.”

The thieves left the SUV parked in front of the building, still running.

According to Beech Grove Police Department, the truck used to break through the front door had been stolen a few hours earlier during a carjacking on Washington Street in Indianapolis.

Burge believes the thieves came into the store last week to scope it out. He added that a similar robbery of his store happened in December 2020.

The ATF has been notified of the robbery and they are now in the process of trying to figure out just how many guns were stolen.

“My initial estimate, it may go higher, it may go lower, but I’m going to guess around 30 handguns, all high-quality firearms just went out the door in 40 seconds,” Burge said.

Earlier this week, Beech Grove mayor Dennis Buckley criticized Marion County and Indianapolis city leaders for not doing enough to curb crime.