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Source: Pasco County Sheriff’s Office Facebook / Pasco County Sheriff’s Office Facebook

PASCO COUNTY, Fla. — Police in Florida call the accused killer “demonic.” A man from Indiana has been arrested for a brutal murder in Pasco County, Florida.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office in Florida says Oscar Solis, 30, of Indiana has been charged with murder, failing to register as a convicted felon and violation of parole.

Solis is accused of killing Randall Cooke, whose name was released with permission from his family, and cutting up his body and putting it into several different trash bags.

Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco says Cooke was busy making food deliveries for Uber Eats on April 19th, when he stopped responding to his wife. A missing-persons report was filed and Uber was able to provide police with Cooke’s last known delivery stop, which was 3438 Moog Road.

When police originally showed up to investigate, they found no signs of foul play, and nothing seemed off. Sometime later, a person living at the home provided police with two key pieces of video footage: the first showed Randall Cooke arrive at the home, and then the video cuts off. The second video showed Oscar Solis and another person carrying trash bags outside.

Detectives got permission to search the trash bags and found Cooke’s remains inside.

“This was a horrific crime of passion,” said Sheriff Nocco in a Tuesday press conference, “you hear people say the word evil, but this was demonic. What he did was demonic.”

Oscar Solis is affiliated with the MS-13 gang in Indiana, said Sheriff Nocco. Solis was released on parole from an Indiana prison and moved to Florida in January. He served four-years for assault and burglary.

“So, you’re talking about a very violent individual that Indiana released and sent down to Florida,” said Nocco Tuesday, “he came down to Florida, and they released him on parole.