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entrance to Purdue University

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Commentator Michael Knowles spoke at Purdue Thursday evening, and many students gathered in protest.

Knowles – a conservative commentator for The Daily Wire – was invited to speak by the Purdue College Republicans.  However, his recent comments about eradicating transgenderism “from public life entirely” inspired hundreds of students to speak out.

Transgender Flag on a brick wall

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While Purdue claims that its guest speakers do not represent the school’s own beliefs, some students think the university is not actually interested in “free speech.”  They say the school is more concerned with conservative ideology than letting every voice be heard.

However, other students were happy to listen to Knowles.  One told News 8, “As a Catholic and a conservative, there’s not a particular topic I think he needs to address, but I am just excited to hear whatever he feels needs to be the main point of his speech.”

Students also rallied to host a Block Party to Eradicate Transphobia at the same time that Knowles was scheduled to be on stage.  It featured a Drag show, games, food, and more.

People supporing transgender personses rights. Transgender people communicate, vector illustration. Faces of diverse cultures in propfile in different colors of the transgender flag

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