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Three leaf clover

STATEWIDE — In honor of the day’s festivities, Hoosier leaders and organizations are hoping you will have a safe and healthy St. Patrick’s Day.

By now, you have probably heard countless messages about driving carefully on St. Patty’s Day.  With breweries, bars, pubs, and restaurants getting into the spirit, it could be tempting to have a drink or two.

St Patrick`s holiday party food and beer

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In anticipation of this, the Indiana Department of Transportation is urging you to have a plan in place.  INDOT Tweeted, “If you are planning to partake in any festivities involving alcohol, make sure you have a sober ride home… there should be no luck involved in getting home safe.”

Law enforcement organizations around the state echoed similar sentiments, including IMPD, the Brownsburg Police Department, and the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office.

Hoosier Senator Todd Young also wished a Happy St. Patrick’s Day to Indiana residents, and Indy Mayor Joe Hogsett Tweeted his messages along with pictures from the downtown parade.  He wrote, “Thanks to everyone who came out to today’s parade, and to everyone celebrating the long-standing traditions of Irish culture and heritage in our city.”

On its Twitter page, the Indianapolis Zoo took a slightly different approach, posting images of some of its green creatures and plants.  The attraction included the message, “Sharing a little green for good luck!”

And, the Marion County Public Health Department wrote a basic – but essential – message.  They told their followers, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Don’t forget to wear green!”

St. Patrick’s Day is named after St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.  The stories surrounding his life include tales of his success in ridding Ireland of snakes.

Originally, the holiday had stronger religious emphasis.  Today, many states around the U.S. use it to honor Irish roots and celebrate in style.

You can learn more about St. Patrick’s life and faith, as well as the holiday, here.

Two sheep on a green meadow, Ireland

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