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Indianapolis canal walk looking into downtown Indianapolis on December 22, 2015 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

INDIANAPOLIS — Candidate for Indianapolis mayor Gregory Meriweather announced he is ending his campaign and endorsing state representative Robin Shackleford for mayor.

“I got into the race for Indianapolis Mayor to give voters an option for real change,” said Meriweather. “There are so many issues that have not been adequately addressed over the last eight years– potholes, crime, poverty, landlords that don’t fix sewage in houses. It became clear as I campaigned and as more candidates got into the race that there is a need for unity in the city – not more division. In order to create more unity, I made the decision to leave the race and support Representative Shackleford.”

Meriweather said he will now work towards helping Rep. Shackelford win her candidacy for Indianapolis Mayor. He said that together with his grassroots perspective and Shackleford’s experience, they can bring change to Indy.

“Representative Shackleford has the name recognition and political experience needed to lead the City of Indianapolis into a new era of economic growth, safety and diversity,” Meriweather continued. “She and I share the same vision for Indianapolis – one that gives everyone a seat at the table and a voice. We want to solve the same problems – and together we can.”

Rep. Shackleford spoke at Meriweather’s announcement, “Gregory’s decision to leave the race and support my candidacy is a turning point in the campaign. This is a crowded primary, which indicates the people want change on May 2nd.”

Shackleford said that within the next few weeks, her team will unveil their specific plans to improve Indianapolis’ infrastructure, increase public safety, and improve affordable housing.