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The Kendall & Casey crew teamed up to record the first ever song about property taxes in the entire history of music.

After devoting countless hours on the air to educating the public on the injustice of property tax, a frustrated Rob realized he wasn’t quite getting through to his audience. It seemed that listeners were more than happy to call in to the show and leave voicemails about simple pleasures such as Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza, or other topics like how often you should wash your hair or about the best guitarists of all time… But never about property taxes.

Suffice to say, Rob was losing faith in humanity. He was fighting with every fiber of his being to expose the wrongdoings of the government but the lack of response from his fellow man was quite frankly, disturbing.

That was when Producer Kevin realized what Rob really needed to do to rally up the troops:

Write and record a song about it.

So the crew decided to cook up a parody of “Atlantic City” by Bruce Springsteen (Rob’s idol) and book some studio time to lay it all down. Kevin laid down the guitar track and Casey wrote the lyrics for Rob. When the time came, Rob hopped in the booth and knocked the vocals out in one take.

Get ready to have the doors kicked open to your soul…