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INDIANAPOLIS — A man will be in federal prison for four and a half years for drug dealing after his chase with police.

The man, 31-year-old Donte Hill, pled guilty to his intent to distribute drugs.

Court documents say that March 1st, while IMPD officers were investigating shots fired on 21st Street and Post Road, they saw an SUV without a license plate.

The officers tried to pull over the vehicle, but the driver, Hill, started to speed to run away. Police say that they chased the SUV for about two miles, before Hill crashed into an unmarked police vehicle. Not giving up the chase, Hill got out of the SUV and fled on foot. During the chase, some police officers saw that Hill had a gun poking out one of his pockets.

Hill ignored the orders and commands that IMPD gave him, then ran off the road where officers were able to arrest him.

IMPD officers searched Hill and found that he was wearing body armor and carrying a gun. Alongside that police found an ammo magazine for the firearm and cocaine. In the SUV they found heroin, marijuana, marijuana edibles, and a scale.