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The U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C.

For the seventh year in a row, Americans have named Government the number one problem according to a new poll.

An average of 19% of adults mentioned some aspect of the government as the biggest problem facing the U.S. in polls from January to December, Gallup reported Tuesday.

Another 16% flagged the high cost of living or inflation, and 12% cited the economy in general. Immigration, unifying the country, COVID-19, race relations and crime averaged between 4% and 6% of mentions apiece. About 3% mentioned abortion.

“Dissatisfaction with the government did not emerge in recent history as one of the top issues facing the nation until 2012. Since 2013 – when the government shutdown caused mentions of the government to surge – it has been the first or second most-cited issue each year,” according to the poll.

The Gallup poll was conducted from Nov. 9 to Dec. 2 with a total of 1,020 respondents participating in the survey. The poll’s margin of error is plus or minus 4 percentage points.