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Christmas Trees:

One of the most iconic symbols of Christmas is an ornamentally decorated Christmas Tree. Erecting a conifer inside your family room with twinkling lights and wrapped gifts underneath is the perfect way to start the holiday festivities. The tradition of bringing an evergreen tree inside your home to decorate started with the Germans in the 16th century. Christians would decorate them with nuts, apples, and gingerbread.

Christmas Season In Canada

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Poinsettias are nearly as classic as Christmas movies! Many people like to place the red blossoming plant around this time of year. Franciscan missionaries in Mexico used it in the 17th century as part of nativity processions. The story of poinsettias begins with a poor Mexican girl who didn’t have anything to honor baby Jesus. An angel told her any gift from the heart was a good gift, so she gathered weeds from the roadside. When she placed them around the manger, they transformed into poinsettias. This plant has become so popular that it even has its own National Day on December 12.

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What are some favorite Holiday Plants?

To find America’s favorite holiday plants, Cinch Home Services first created a list of the most popular Christmas plants in 2022. They then used data from Google Trends to see each plant’s search volume by city and state in the past year.

Blue Point Juniper was the top plant choice among homeowners in Connecticut, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Wisconsin. But certain cities elsewhere favored it, too, specifically Atlanta, Houston and San Antonio. Another popular plant was Frosty Fern – the favorite of those in Iowa, Maine, New Hampshire, the Dakotas and Vermont, plus the cities of Milwaukee and Oakland.

Massachusetts residents searched for Hellebore the most (the only ones to do so), while Nashville and Seattle residents loved this winter-blooming perennial more than any other city. Oregon residents were the only ones with Lemon Cypress as their top plant, just as Floridians most often searched for Norfolk Island pine.

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What Is Indiana’s Favorite Holiday Plant?

Cinch Home Services has determined that Indiana’s top searched Christmastime plant is English Ivy. The thick, glossy leaves of the English Ivy are typically medium to dark green in color. The plant produces small, yellow-green flowers with blue-black berries that don’t ripen until late winter or early spring. English Ivy is a climbing vine, and it can climb as high as ninety feet.

Indoors, English Ivy does well in containers or baskets where its trailing vines can hang down. English Ivy grows slower indoors and can take at least a year to establish itself before it has a growth spurt.

However, when planted outdoors, English Ivy is considered invasive and is also widely known to be capable of causing damage to trees and brickwork. It is best trans-planted outside in the spring.

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