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INDIANAPOLIS--A comedian from the Bob and Tom Show was shot at early Sunday morning and he believes he knows the shooter. Ronald Sexton, who plays Donnie Baker on the show, which is a nationally-syndicated morning show based in Indianapolis, said he believes the man who shot his van up is his girlfriend’s ex-partner.

The shooting was near a Lowe’s on North Shadeland near I-65, about 2 a.m.

“It was just rapid fire, a barrage of gunfire and I’m still picking glass out of my scalp and my ear today. So, I’m very lucky,” said Sexton.

He tells our newsgathering partners at WISH TV the same man confronted him last year.

“In that particular case there was no gun involved. But, I thought there was going be because he had a bandana that he pulled over his face. I thought it was going to be the classic one, two, three, pop. Kill her, kill me, kill himself.”

Sexton said the man is still on the loose.

Police concur that the shooting was not random.