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*Warning: This story could be troubling for some readers.*

INDIANAPOLIS — Larry Jo Taylor Jr., the man currently serving time for the murder of Amanda Blackburn, has pled guilty to the rape of another woman.

Taylor is currently serving an 86-year sentence.  He will likely get another 20 years, served consecutively to his 86, for Rape.  In other words, he could spend more than a century in prison.

Charging documents did not give the name of his assault victim.  The probable cause affidavit says the woman told police that she was showering when Taylor and Jalen Watson came into her home, held her at gunpoint, and assaulted her.

She said she was raped by one of the men, touched inappropriately, and assaulted with a vibrator.  She also told police that they had forced her to drink vodka, robbed and ransacked her apartment, and stolen her car.

Taylor will be sentenced Tuesday at 2:30 p.m.

Amanda Blackburn was killed in 2015 when Taylor, Watson, and Diano Gordon were burglarizing homes.  Gordon was sentenced to 25 years, with another 5 years of his sentence suspended.  Watson was sentenced to 29 years.