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INDIANAPOLIS–Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears will keep his job. The voters of the county decided Tuesday that Mears should get a full term. He defeated Republican challenger Cyndi Carasco.

“Four more years,” chanted a crowd gathered in front of Mears for his victory speech, perhaps not realizing that Mears has not yet served a full term. Mears campaign focused on violent crime in Indianapolis, but unlike Carasco, he focused on the root causes, typically a more methodical approach that his opponent indicated was not getting him or the county, very far.

“Marion County is definitely confronted with a lot of issues,” said Mears. “In order to solve those issues, those are really complex problems. I’m incredibly grateful to all the people in Marion County today who didn’t give in to some of the negative things that were out there.”

Mears said it is easy to demonize someone, but a lot harder to come up with solutions.

Some people have called Mears light on crime, laying blame on him for some violent criminals being able to get out on bail and commit other violent acts.

The state legislature even attempted to act to stop groups like The Bail Project, from being able to get people released.

Carasco acknowledged in her concession statement that she faced an uphill battle as a Republican in a Democratic county.

“Indianapolis and all of Marion County has experienced three years of record violence, and what we are doing is simply not working. When we announced our campaign, we set out to make a difference. Our campaign was about change, and although we came up short in our ultimate goal, we have made real, meaningful change,” she said.

“We have talked about accountability for criminals, using existing tools to prevent crime, and partnering with others to keep our communities safe. We have shaped the narrative, and we have had an impact. To Ryan Mears, I offer my congratulations, and hope you will take the trust voters have placed in you to make much-needed changes in our criminal justice system,” said Carasco.