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STATE WIDE--Democrat candidate for Secretary of State Destiny Wells says Hoosiers should find common ground and that she has gotten support from both Democrats and Republicans.

Network Indiana featured candidates Jeff Maurer, the Libertarian and Diego Morales, the Republican, and reached out to Wells, who agreed to this interview Monday afternoon.

“Look, I’m from Martinsville. My entire family is Republican. I’ve grown up in a Republican community. I traveled the world a couple of times around with the military and came back a Democrat. But, that doesn’t mean that I’ve ever forgotten where I come from,” she said.

Wells said she has gotten some support from Republican elected officials.

Wells noted her service in the military, time working in state government and time as a government attorney as qualifications for the office, adding that she believes protecting the integrity of elections is critical.

“We need to make our voter registration process accessible to voters,” she said. “We are one of the last in the country, are 46th in the nation in registered voter turnout.”

Wells said that her opposition was mistaken in saying that she wanted to frivolously register voters from out of state in Indiana. She said that she has made statements referring to college students.

“I believe that statement was probably made after I said that our laws are open to college students being registered to vote here,” she said. “They have that option. We should not be afraid of voters. We should be engaging them in the civic process at the first opportunity so that they want to stay here, they want to progress their careers here and they want to have families here.”

Wells did acknowledge the troubles that her Republican opponent Diego Morales, is having, with accusations he sexually harassed women several years ago, and now accusations (nothing proven) of fraud.

“Diego has been fired from the office already. He was fired by Todd Rokita. He was let go by Charlie White, who couldn’t stay Secretary of State.”

She said she believes he has also inflated his military record during his campaign, but offered no proof.