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STATEWIDE — Candidates for elected office across Indiana from school board all the way up to Congress are getting in their last-ditch efforts to sway voters with Election Day now upon us.

With that, the chairmen of both major political parties explain why they are confident in the candidates they are running.

In recent polling, a majority of voters have decided that the biggest issues they are focusing on this election cycle are solving the problems the country is facing regarding the economy and inflation.

“As we get closer and closer … voters are going back to what they always go back to: pocketbook issues. Jobs, the economy, inflation,” said Indiana GOP chairman Kyle Hupfer on WISH-TV. “They see the issues Democrats are having nationally with those topics and I think you are setting up for a wave election for Republicans.”

Democrats have insisted that the biggest issue on the ballot is abortion. Democratic candidate for Congress in Indiana’s fifth district Jeannine Lee Lake said as much talking to WIBC’s Tony Katz Today on Friday, saying “all suburban women are concerned about abortion rights.” She added that government overreach and bodily autonomy is the main issue in that regard for her, especially since she added she is not vaccinated for COVID.

With that, Democrats again say abortion is their biggest issue.

“I think it really crystallizes the danger of having a supermajority in our state here in Indiana,” said Indiana Democrat Party chairman Mike Schmul. “To become the first state in the country, in special session, post-Dobbs, to pass a near abortion ban is unfortunate.”

Schmul also said he’s confident that Rep. Frank Mrvan will be re-elected in Indiana’s 1st congressional district in northwest Indiana. She’s taking on Republican nominee Jennifer Ruth-Green. Hupfer said the 1st district is in the middle of a demographic shift that has allowed Ruth-Green’s message to resonate.

As for the Indiana Secretary of State’s race, Hupfer was asked why the GOP continues to support Diego Morales for that office while he’s been slammed with accusations of sexual misconduct and most recently voter fraud. Hupfer responded, “he’s our Republican candidate.”

Schmul said Morales has “too much baggage” going into Election Day. Destiny Wells is running on the Democratic ticket for Secretary of State.