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STATEWIDE–Temperatures are about to get colder across Indiana.

“A cold front arrives tonight. High temperatures will only be in the mid-to-upper 50s Friday across the state. This is a reminder that the season is changing,” said Matt Eckhoff, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Indianapolis.

Many places will have low temperatures in the 30s this weekend and there will be some frost early in the morning Saturday and Sunday. That needs to be of particular interest to you if you have plants outside.

“I would either cover those plants up or bring them inside if you’re concerned about their well-being,” said Eckhoff.

Eckhoff says frost damages plants because the moisture inside the cells of the leaves, stems and shoots will freeze when temperatures fall. As with ice in the fridge, the water inside plants will expand as it freezes. A sudden melting of the frozen liquid will damage plant tissue.

There’s very little chance for a storm for at least the next week, but Eckhoff says you may see a shower or two.

“We rebound a bit with temperatures jumping up to the 70s again by Monday and Tuesday, but then we’ll see a cooldown again later in the week,” said Eckhoff.


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