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INDIANAPOLIS–A man charged in the shooting of an IMPD officer had been released on bond on a felony charge in January — even though he was on probation — because of a misspelling of his first name.

That suspect, Mylik Hill, had served eight years in prison for a 2011 conviction on multiple charges, one of which was robbery. The Department of Corrections had Hill’s first name misspelled as “Mylak” on records from that conviction. Since his name was misspelled, the courts were unaware of his prior conviction and probation.

Hill was released in 2018, but he is still on parole for that 2011 conviction through 2025, according to online DOC records.

This means he was also on parole when he was arrested on Jan. 31 when he was arrested for stealing electronics from a Walmart and fleeing from police. That arrest led to charges of resisting law enforcement and theft, which should have violated his parole and kept him from receiving the bond. That wasn’t the case though because the DOC misspelled his name. That led to the courts being unaware of his prior conviction and probation.

Because of that mistake, Hill was allowed to be released on a $500 bond for his January charges.

On February 27, police say Hill was involved in a shooting where he wounded IMPD Officer Thomas Mangan. Hill was wounded in the shooting and taken to a hospital. He’s facing murder and attempted murder charges. Hill is still recovering from his injuries.

Mangan was shot in the throat and he has had surgery. It is unclear whether he will be able to speak, breathe, or swallow normally again.