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STANFORD, CA.–Former Vice President and Indiana Governor Mike Pence spoke at Stanford University Thursday night in a speech called “How to Save America from the Woke Left.”

Outside the hall where Pence spoke, a group of student protesters chanted “Hey, Hey! Ho, ho! Mike Pence has got to go!” and “We are the woke left!”

Despite recently publicly disagreeing with former president Trump regarding 2020 election results, Pence told the crowd the Trump administration accomplished a lot.

“In 48 months, our administration achieved the lowest unemployment, the highest household income, the most energy production, the most trade deals, the most secure border, and the strongest military ever,” said Pence.

Pence then criticized U.S. President Joe Biden and his administration.

“There’s so much wrong in what’s happening at home and abroad in the Biden adminstration. I feel like a proverbial mosquito in a nudist colony. There’s so much to talk about. He tried to mandate vaccines for 90 million Americans, but I’m proud to say that the conservative majority on the Supreme Court struck that mandate down,” said Pence.

Pence cited the “bungled” withdrawal from Afghanistan as just one of the many reasons why America’s enemies don’t respect the U.S. the way they used to.

“Iran is accelerating its nuclear program. China continues to tie international cooperation to demands that the world looks the other way on Taiwan, Hong Kong, and their aggressive military maneuvers. It’s truly astonishing,” said Pence.

As he has done several times before, Pence reiterated that he did the right thing by certifying the 2020 election results on January 6, 2021, despite the objections by former President Donald Trump at the time. Pence said he was doing only what the Constitution allowed him to do. He also brought up the Constitution when speaking about the importance of leadership to the students in attendance.

“Use this time in your life to develop the qualities of the inner man and inner woman that will make you into the leaders our nation will need and rely on in the days ahead. Study that constitution,” said Pence.