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STATE WIDE–The National Weather Service is still trying to get a clear picture about what area of the state will get the most freezing rain before it changes over to snow. That will likely cause significant impacts on driving conditions. In a Monday afternoon update, the Weather Service predicted the central part of the state will likely get ice before it changes to snow.

Meteorologist Mike Ryan said the storm will arrive in two parts.

“The first part is gonna come in beginning Tuesday night into Wednesday. We may get a slight break, and then the second and likely higher impact system, will come in Wednesday night and into Thursday,” said Ryan.

Since Tuesday afternoon’s temperature will be relatively warm, possibly into the 40s, the precipitation will start as rain. A cold front will bring colder air in while the precipitation is falling. What is unclear is how quickly that will change over to snow. Before that happens, some areas, especially the central part of the state, could get ice accumulation.

“Where the greatest uncertainty in terms of precipitation type and amounts lies at the moment is probably right across the I-70 corridor, the Indianapolis metro and those locations,” he said. “I think the risk for ice is probably greatest at this point, along the I-70 corridor and points south in central Indiana, and it could be significant in spots.”

The Weather Service plans another weather briefing Tuesday afternoon. Ryan said it is still uncertain where the most freezing rain may fall, but the computer models they use to help predict it should be more accurate by then.

Any sort of a subtle change in storm track is gonna shift where the heaviest snow falls. It’s gonna shift where the ice falls, or the freezing rain that produces the ice.”

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