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WASHINGTON — The Senate is considering President Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda as we get closer to Christmas.

Keeping with the theme of the holiday season, Sen. Todd Young (R-IN) took to the Senate floor with a poster-board display of a Christmas tree on Thursday to sarcastically compare the items that are within the president’s social spending bill to Christmas gifts.

One of the gifts under the “tree” was a car for labor unions, which was in reference to electric car provisions within the legislation that would encourage Americans to buy more electric vehicles with the intent of helping the climate.

“It seems that the Democrats have put under the Christmas tree a shiny new tax credit for (buying) electric vehicles,” Young said facetiously. “But, only if those vehicles are made in a union shop. You see if you are naughty and buy an electric vehicle from a non-union shop, like those made in Indiana, you’d miss out on the Democrats $4,500 give away in this bill.”

Young also criticized the bill and call Democrats hypocrites for “giving a tax cut to two-thirds of people earning more than $1 million a year.”

Finally, Young said that under his Christmas tree was a gift for the taxpayers, which he says was coal.

“That looks like coal,” he said. “That lump of coal must represent the massive $367 billion that will be added to the debt by the Democrats wreckless tax and spending bill, according to the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office.”

The White House has contested that the bill will actually lower the debt, based on what they have heard from other economists they’ve consulted with.