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WASHINGTON–We will be able to pay our national bills and avoid a default, but it will be on borrowed money. The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill that will temporarily raise the debt limit past the current $28 trillion. The vote was 219 to 206, with 7 not voting Tuesday evening.

“As Americans face crises at home and abroad, Democrats want to raise the debt ceiling to pave the way for their socialist schemes on the taxpayer’s dime,” Tweeted Indiana congresswoman Jackie Walorski, a Republican, following the vote. “We simply can’t afford more of their radical, big-government agenda.”

He Tweet reflected the views of many Republicans, who believed and voted on that belief, that Democrats will have to shoulder the burden of raising the debt ceiling, when it was done before on a bi-partisan vote.

Every Indiana Republican voted against raising the limit. Both Democrats voted for it.

“Congressional Democrats have been more than happy to pass legislation spending trillions of taxpayer dollars without any input or votes from Republicans in Congress, so they shouldn’t expect Republicans in Congress to help them raise the debt ceiling – especially when Democrats can pass a debt ceiling increase with only Democrat votes using reconciliation,” said Congressman Larry Bucshon.

“Today, Democrats in Congress are showing that they are afraid to govern by refusing to actually debate or hold a standalone vote for a $480 Billion debt limit increase, instead ‘deeming’ it passed with a procedural gimmick that denied taxpayers the transparency of a standalone vote that this issue demands,” he said.

Congressman Andre Carson, A Democrat, said on Twitter that the passage of a temporary debt ceiling increase does not mean congress will use it for future expenditures.

“Fiscal responsibility means paying what you owe. That’s why the House just passed a temporary extension of the public debt limit, so our country can meet the financial obligations we have already made. It does not authorize future spending, as some have falsely claimed,” he said.

Pres. Biden must now sign the bill for it to become law.