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INDIANAPOLIS — The woman who blew the whistle on the whole case against Dr. Larry Nassar wants criminal charges to be brought against the federal agent or agents that mishandled the investigation into his abuse.

The FBI in Indianapolis fired the agent who lied about his handling of the case. Four gymnasts testified before Congress this week and shed more light on how the FBI did not properly follow up and pursue any of the accusations that they had brought against Nassar.

Rachel Denhollander, who is now a lawyer herself, was the one who blew the whistle on the case.

“If a citizen were to behave, lying to the Department of Justice, lying to the FBI, lying to investigators, the same way that these FBI agents behave, you can bet that there would be grounds for criminal charges,” said Denhollander to WISH-TV.

“There are grounds for criminal charges here,” she continued. “Whether or not we are going to make those changes is what we’re going to have to watch in the coming year.”

The changes she refers to can only come from Congress. She wants lawmakers to hold law enforcement to the same standard as citizens when it comes to transparency during an investigation, in order to avoid “corruption and gross negligence.”