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WASHINGTON--As the last American troops prepared to leave Afghanistan, Hoosier Congresswoman Jackie Walorski repreated her call for Pres. Joe Biden to resign. In an interview on Newsmax, Walorski said Biden’s negotiations with the Taliban prove he has failed.

“This is a dark period of time in America. As those caskets came out, and those families that were in mourning, we were mourning with them here in Indiana over a fallen Hoosier,” said Walorski, of the return of the bodies of the service members killed by ISIS K operatives last week.

As she did last week, Walorski again pointed to Biden’s assertion that the buck stops with him.

“I agree with that and that’s why I asked for his resignation,” she said.

Walorski said she believes Biden has put America into a new reality, where we deal with the Taliban, which she believes is unacceptable.

“Here Americans are trying to figure out how we got into this mess to begin with and now we have a commander-in-chief that literally left Americans behind, purportedly as hostages now, in the hands of the Taliban,” she said. “This is difficult for Americans. We don’t negotiate with terrorists. We never have. This is a failed mission.”

Negotiations with the Taliban began under Pres. Trump.

Walorski called on Biden to resign last week a day after the attacks on the American military at the airport in Kabul. Among those killed was Cpl. Humberto Sanchez, 22, of Logansport.