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MUNCIE, Ind. — A man is in the hospital with a gunshot wound after leading police on a chase in Delaware County.

State Police Sgt. Coley McCutcheon said the whole thing started when police were called about a suicidal person and soon after more 911 calls came in about a crash out in the county. That’s when the chase started.

“Police responded to that scene and officers did engage that vehicle,” McCutcheon said. “There was a female suspect in the vehicle with him. She was unharmed in the crash but she was simple in the car with him.”

The chase ended when he crashed into another car in front of a home along West Centennial Avenue, which is north of the Delaware County Fairgrounds.

“There were multiple shots fired from the vehicle during the pursuit,” McCutcheon said. “He went to the local hospital here with a gunshot wound, but at this time we can’t confirm whether it was a police officer or a self-inflicted gunshot.”

No officers were injured in the chase, according to McCutcheon. He added that he hopes witnesses will come forward to help in the investigation.

“Due to the length of the pursuit, I mean, it started out in the county and it came into the city, you know, during a busy time,” he said. “I’m sure there is cell phone videos or security camera video from residences.”

McCutcheon would not say if any of the pursuing officers had body cameras or dash camera footage.