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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind.–We can go back to the moon if the right leadership is in place and is well-established by the time we launch, said former NASA flight director Gene Kranz, who spoke about the Apollo 11 mission at Purdue University, Thursday.  Kranz, 85, was a leader at NASA for several decades and is known […]

(Picture: WIBC, Made with FaceApp Aging Filter)   Hey! Have you seen that nifty ‘make yourself look REALLY old app’ that everyone is trying? Isn’t it cool? Isn’t it funny? Isn’t it wild how absolutely NO ONE bothered to read the fine print in that user agreement?  Well, it turns out our fine friends in […]

INDIANAPOLIS–Duck boats aren’t banned by law, but the sinking of the boat on Table Rock Lake near Branson, Missouri, one year ago brought so much attention to the dangers of riding in them that insurance comp0anies have raised their premiums. That has effectively put many of them out of business. “The insurance for duck boats, […]

Great news, America! WIBC’s beloved “Mock” of the “Mock n’ Rob Show” isn’t dead! She had a fever. She had nausea and headaches. She even vomited a couple of times. But those are all very common symptoms of working with WIBC’s Rob Kendall. “Mock” finally realized she might have the Rona when she noticed that […]