(Nicholas Hunt / Staff)   You’ve heard all the warnings about letting your child become a YouTube star, right?  “Don’t do it! Their brains are still developing and any mistakes they make will live forever!” “Don’t do it! Strangers will stalk them and ask for naked pictures!” “Don’t do it! It’ll turn them gay!” Okay, that last one […]

(Picture Archives/Getty Images) Looks like Eddie Murphy is set for another comeback, and this one doesn’t involve the bastardization of classic Jerry Lewis material! TMZ is reporting Murphy is in talks with Netflix to produce an undetermined number of new standup specials for a $70 million payday. IndieWire notes that the deal “makes sense” as Chris Rock recently […]

(Screen Capture: NBC New York) Like most rational people, my response to NYPD officers getting water thrown on them was calm and reasonable: “Why can’t the police just shoot the bas*ards in the head?” Fortunately, I’m not a current or former elected official. Former New York City Mayor Rudi Giuliani, however, knows a thing or two […]

(Picture Alliance/Getty Images) As the kids on the left say: TRIGGER WARNING! The body of a missing man has been recovered after lingering behind coolers in an Iowa supermarket for more than nine years before it was discovered early this year.  According to reporting by NBC, the body was discovered in January when workers were removing […]

STATE WIDE–You might equate owning a house with financial success. That may be why home ownership in Indiana is at 70 percent. A new survey says seven in ten Americans would give up something to save for a down payment, for the possibility of owning a home. “In Indiana home ownership has been a big […]

(BEBETO MATTHEWS / Contributor/Getty Images) Poor morale, attacks on police, threats on officers’ lives, and a Mayor who seems hell-bent on turning citizens against the brave men and women who protect the community of South Bend. It’s a sad reality that Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg doesn’t talk about in campaign ads or at fundraisers. Yet after the […]

(Win McNamee/Getty Images) You know that whole “Fight for $15” movement that’s designed to give all workers a living wage? Well, it turns out $15 per hour was just an initial offer. Turns out workers are going to need $20 per hour – even that guy at McDonald’s who always gets your order wrong and looks […]

(Saul Loeb/Getty Images)   Democrats have a renewed focus and vision for America’s future: waste more time and money in a fruitless effort to impeach Donald Trump roughly one year shy of the 2020 Presidential election. Why? Because it is absolutely essential that the democrat party maintain consistency in their political messaging and traditions, and […]

(photo: Chicks on the Right)   WIBC hosts, best-selling authors, and international superstars of hotness, the Chicks on the Right hopped a plane to Tennessee last weekend for an awesome appearance on the Mike Huckabee Show. If you missed their appearance, you’re NOT a bad person (It hasn’t aired yet). The show is scheduled to be […]

(Pridannikov/Getty Images)   A woman in Canada was forced to close her business following backlash over her refusal to wax the male genitals of transgender LGBT activist Jessica Yaniv, formerly known as Jonathan Yaniv. Yaniv filed a complaint with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal seeking financial restitution. Editor’s note: This was apparently the most convenient option to resolve […]