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Dating in 2024 is a JUNGLE. You have to use apps in order to look at a profile of a stranger that may or may not be who they say they are. There’s a lot of risk and a lot of options when it comes to dating.

With an endless dating pool at the tip of our fingers, many have created a list of “red flags” to help limit their search. Red flags are exactly that, a big ole warning that the person’s interest/behavior/quirk is not for you.

Google has released a list of the top dating red flags people have been googling over the past year. Check out the list below to see if you agree!

Listen to Hammer and guest co-host Jerry Lopez react to the list here:

1. Saying “I Love You” too soon.

Amazed women checking smart phone at home Source:Getty

If those three words come out within the first few dates, most people find that alarming. 

2. Watching true crime.

Men and women are watching mysterious movies. Source:Getty

If they love true crime shows, does it mean they might try to MURDER you? Afterall, they know how to hide bodies! 

3. Love bombing.

Stressed Girlfriend Receiving a Bad Romantic Gift from her Partner. Source:Getty

That’s when someone gives lots of gifts and compliments during the first few dates. However, when they stop showing interest, they get bored quick and leave! 

4. Talking to an ex.

Man with flowers looking girlfriend hugging another male, love disappointment Source:Getty

According to many people, staying close with an ex in a friendly/flirty way is a big no no! 

5. Double texting.

Smiling young man reading text message or notification on his smartphone Source:Getty

Lots of people find it concerning when a date will text several times in a row within the same time frame. It can seem obsessive or controlling according to the research.