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South Bend Downtown Aerial View 5

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Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In Indiana

it’s evident that certain cities in Indiana are considered to be among the most dangerous.

Factors contributing to their classification as dangerous includes high crime rates and other safety concerns.

We gathered our list of the Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In Indiana and why we see them as that below.

*Note that information may vary based on different sources and metrics used for assessment.*
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1. South Bend, Indiana

South Bend Downtown Aerial View 5 Source:Getty

The most dangerous city in Indiana is South Bend.

It is a city located in Saint Joseph County and is said to be the 4th largest city in Indiana.

The violent crime rate is 14.46 per 1000 which is nearly five times the state average.

The property crime rate is 33.79 per 1000 and is more than twice the state.

2. Gary, Indiana

Gary Indiana Sunset Source:Getty

Gary has been historically known for its large steel industry.

Nowadays, Gary is a shell of itself.

The violent crime rate is 4.54 per 1000 residents and the property crime rate is 29.96 per 1000.

Both these statistics exceed state and national averages.

The areas to avoid in Gary are described as The Concord Area, 5th Ave., 21st St., Delaney projects, Tarrytown, and Clark Rd.

3. Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA Downtown Skyline at Twilight Source:Getty

Indianapolis is indiana’s largest city and has some of the highest rates of crime in the state.

Violence happens at a rate more than twice the state average.

The property crime rate happens at a rate of more than 35 events per 1000.

The state capital is nearly five times as dangerous as the state average in terms of crime per mile.

The areas to avoid in the city is Bos, Haughville, W 29th, and Concord.

4. East Chicago, Indiana

Marktown Residences Source:Getty

East Chicago is a smaller sized city located in Lake County.

The city’s violent crime rate is 10.88 per 1000 residents which is 3 1/2 times the state average.

The property crime rate in East Chicago is 23.10 per 1000 residents which is also three times the state average

5. Kokomo, Indiana

Indiana Electric Vehicle Source:Getty

Kokomo is a mid-sized city located in the northern part of Indiana in Howard County.

Violent crime statistics exceed the national and state average at 6.10 per 1000 residents.

in terms of crimes per square mile Kokomo residents are three times the state average and twice the national average.

The chance of being a victim is said to be higher in central neighborhoods.

6. Evansville, Indiana

Drone Shot of Levee and Downtown Streets in Evansville, IN from Over Ohio River Source:Getty

Evansville is indiana’s third largest city located in Vanderburgh County.

The violent crime rate in Evansville is 7.44 per 1000 residents.

The property crime rate is 36.71 per 1000 residents.

Both of these crime rates exceed the national average.

Evansville residents face a risk five times the state average in terms of crimes per square mile.

7. Lafayette, Indiana

West Lafayette - City Government | West Lafayette IN Source:Morris Photography

Lafayette is a medium sized city and is situated in Tippecanoe County about 63 miles northwest of Indianapolis.

The total crime rate is 37 per 1000 people which is higher than the national average .

The violent crime rate is about 594 per 100,000 which is 60% higher than the national average.

The northwest neighborhoods are considered the most dangerous.

8. Anderson, Indiana

Anderson, Indiana downtown skyline with drone moving sideways. Source:Envato Elements

This medium sized city is located in Madison County.

Residents are said to have a one in 26 chance of being the victim of a property crime.

There is also a one in 225 chance of being a victim of a violent crime.

The downtown area is said to be one of the less safe areas.

9. Clarksville, Indiana

Clarksville, Indiana Aerial Source:Getty

Clarksville is a smaller city along the Ohio River and one of the oldest towns in the American Northwest Territory.

 Clarksville sits across the river from Louisville and is often a part of that metro areas statistics.

Property crime in Clarksville is the largest problem because the rate in Clarksville is 2.5 times the state average.

Residents have a one in 22 chance of becoming property crime victims in Clarksville.

10. Shelbyville, Indiana

Aerial view of downtown Shelbyville, Indiana during a beautiful sunset Source:Getty

Shelbyville is a small city in central IN and named for the state’s fifth governor.

It is considered a part of the greater metro Indianapolis area.

Property crime rates in Shelbyville hover slightly above the state average.

 Violent crimes are more than twice the Indiana average and more than 50% above the national violent crime median.