COOPERSTOWN, New York--Evansville native and seven-time All-Star Scott Rolen has been voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Rolen was born in Evansville and played high school baseball at Jasper High School. During his senior year at Jasper in 1993, he was named Indiana Mr. Baseball, played tennis, and was named to the Indiana high […]

https://omny.fm/shows/rob-kendall-and-the-show-to-be-named-later/younkin-signs-bills-banning-mask-mandates-what-s-s Instead, we’re going through yet another emergency order.

https://omny.fm/shows/rob-kendall-and-the-show-to-be-named-later/todd-young-continues-to-say-that-inflation-isn-t-h The Indiana Senator is now saying inflation isn’t a fault of his own.

https://omny.fm/shows/rob-kendall-and-the-show-to-be-named-later/interview-02-17-22-abdul-on-what-changes-could-be Are you a player of the Hoosier Lottery? Well, there’s some amendments being made that you should know about. Abdul joined Rob Kendall to discuss.

https://omny.fm/shows/rob-kendall-and-the-show-to-be-named-later/rob-s-trip-to-the-statehouse-to-hand-his-10-questi The poor young man at the front desk look dismayed as he noticed who had just walked into the Governor’s office.   Rob did what many had been calling on him to do yesterday and marched to the Statehouse to hand deliver 10 questions he had for the Governor.

https://omny.fm/shows/rob-kendall-and-the-show-to-be-named-later/straight-ticket-voting-should-be-banned-rob Rob doesn’t want people to have the chance to be able to vote straight ticket anymore… But why?

https://omny.fm/shows/rob-kendall-and-the-show-to-be-named-later/robs-top-10-questions-for-the-governor-today Rob’s doing it! He’s headed to the Statehouse today to hand over his 10 Questions for Governor Holcomb.   The real question is…. will he get a face-to-face meeting?

https://omny.fm/shows/rob-kendall-and-the-show-to-be-named-later/teachers-show-up-at-statehouse-to-protest-crt-bill Rob says it’s time to start standing up to these teachers.

https://omny.fm/shows/rob-kendall-and-the-show-to-be-named-later/interview-02-15-22-kent-sterling-on-carson-wentz-i When will the rotating wheel at QB quit turning? Reports are out from ESPN saying Wentz could get cut or traded by the Colts next month when $15 million of his salary becomes guaranteed. Kent Sterling joined Rob Kendall to discuss that, IU Basketball, and more.

https://omny.fm/shows/rob-kendall-and-the-show-to-be-named-later/mock-joins-us-after-yesterdays-health-scare   Yesterday brought much a scare to many people who have listened to Mock on the WIBC airwaves and her Chicks on the Right platform for over a decade now. She joined Rob Kendall early this morning to discuss what exactly went down, how she’s feeling, and why she’s leaving the video of the […]