(Screen Capture: YouTube.com/TheView) Democrat Rep. Tulsi Gabbard went a few rounds with Hillary Clinton apologist Joy Behar Wednesday in an explosive appearance on ABC’s “The View.” The 2020 presidential candidate confronted Behar over her claim that she was a “useful idiot” for the Russians. “Some of you have accused me of being a traitor to my country, a Russian asset, […]

  (Steven Ferdman / Contributor) U.S. stocks continue to hit all-time record highs, and the bull run could continue well into 2020, according to Fox Business host Charles Payne. “The market is ultimately supposed to be a forward-looking mechanism,” Payne told WIBC host Tony Katz in a Wednesday interview, “and if so, it’s predicting that 2020 is going […]

(Photo: IndyPolitics.org) Congratulations, Indianapolis! You just re-elected a man who can’t fill potholes, championed one of the great public transit boondoggles of all-time with the Red Line, and presides over a city where one’s chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime is one in 17!  Yippee!! Pass out the champagne! Hey, did anyone […]

  (Picture Alliance/Getty Images) “No one NEEDS an AR-15.” “Why do you NEED an AR-15?” “Are you going to go hunting with an AR-15?” “Guns are for cowards! I use my fists like a man!” And so go the words of the brilliantly bold, yet disturbingly uninformed advocates of banning ‘super scary’ AR-15-style rifles. Dateline […]

  (Screen Capture: YouTube.com/Indianapolis Motor Speedway) The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has a new owner. Penske Entertainment Corp., owned by businessman Roger Penske, has entered into an agreement to become the 4th owner of the iconic speedway in its 110-year-old history. The deal also includes the racing circuit, NTT IndyCar Series and Indianapolis Motor Speedway Productions. “We […]

(Sean Rayford/Getty Images) Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has finally pulled back the curtain on her plan to bankrupt the United States government, crash the economy, and steal even MORE money out of your paycheck. That plan is called “Medicare for all,” and it can be yours today for only $52 trillion, America! Warren’s plan comes at […]

(Mark Wilson/Getty Images) House Minority Whip Steve Scalise addressed what he called an unfair and politically motivated “Soviet-style” impeachment process Thursday in comments delivered ahead of a House vote to formalize impeachment inquiry procedures. “There is precedent,” Scalise said. “This has only happened three times in the history of our country. Every time, it not […]

(Matthew Hatcher / Stringer/Getty Images) Red flag laws received a lot of attention following multiple mass shootings in 2019. The words ‘gun control’ have been politicized by Democrats and Republicans to such a degree that compromise and rational dialog on matters of firearms legislation is a near impossibility. Red flag laws, however, have only recently entered the mainstream […]

  (Stephen Ferdman/Getty Images) Markets were on the decline in early morning trading Wednesday ahead of an anticipated third rate cut from the Federal Reserve. The Fed is largely expected to announce a 25 basis-point rate cut at 2 p.m. ET today. The move would be the central bank’s third rate cut of 2019.  Fox Business host […]

  (Photo: WIBC) The Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian candidates for mayor of Indianapolis squared off in one final debate last night.  The discussion, hosted by FOX 59 and West Side Chamber of Commerce, focussed heavily on crime and roads. Incumbent Democrat Mayor Joe Hogsett said “we are making progress” on crime, but did acknowledge the increasing […]