Tony Katz

(ANNECORDON/Getty Images) The escalating trade war between the United States and China shows no sign of abating Tuesday, as media outlets report the Trump administration is preparing a new list of $300 billion worth of Chinese imports that would be hit with tariffs of up to 25{fa7adc80df2e023940cc66418ee6bf3ea4951b478396a103014e7d5f7d7da9d3}, after China retaliated on Monday by announcing it […]

(Montes-Bradley/Getty Images) From The L.A. Times: It was 45 minutes into his lecture when the rabbi pulled out an AR-15. “Who thinks, by show of hands, that we should be carrying more guns in shul?” Rabbi Raziel Cohen asked the crowd at a Westside Chabad synagogue Wednesday night, during an active-shooter seminar organized in the […]

(Screen Capture: CNN) It’s been over three years since the FBI and the Department of Homeland security referred to the radical leftist Antifa movement’s behavior as that of a “domestic terrorist” organization. Apparently CNN didn’t get the memo. It’s understandable; they’ve got their hands full with going after President Trump. There’s only so many hours in the […]

  (BEBETO MATTHEWS / Contributor/Getty Images) South Bend Mayor and Democrat Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is nothing more than the political ideologies of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders with a hip millennial haircut, according to WIBC host Tony Katz. “The playbook is the same old, same old,” Katz told listeners Wednesday morning. Same Old, Same Old Example […]

(Nastco/Getty Images) Our neighbors to the North have done it again! The Canadian government has revised a report that is supposed to update its citizens on the major terrorist threats they face by removing all references to Islamist extremism. The report, which was first released in December, had initially identified attackers “inspired by violent Sunni Islamist ideology” […]

(BEBETO MATTHEWS / Contributor / Getty Images) The mainstream media and political pundits are focussed this week on South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s meeting with the Reverand Al Sharpton for all the wrong reasons. Buttigieg met with Sharpton for lunch in Harlem at a place known for soul food in the city, and according to reports, the 2020 Presidential […]

(Scott Olson/Getty Images) Former Vice President Joe Biden had a disastrous appearance at the first stop of his 2020 campaign for President Monday. Biden slurred his words and seemed befuddled at times as he delivered a wandering 27-minute speech to a crowd of supporters gathered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Enjoy the following compilation video put together […]

  UniversalImagesGroup / Contributor The University of Colorado-Denver is offering a course to help survey the American political thought. Instead of learning about actual history, the course will focus on such things as- anti-black racism, public feelings and settler collolnialism, while also featuring tarot cards and poems. The the cherry on top?  Every single white male […]

Photo Credit- Chip Somodevilla / Staff After two years of investigations and speculation, the Muller Report is complete. William Jacobson of Legal insurrection joins Tony Katz to give us the rundown about just what Attorney General William Barr explained in his letter explaining the summary of the report.   “If you actually read the wording of […]

Constitutional Conservative and combat veteran, Wayne “Gunny” Harmon says he’s running for Congress because he knows better than anyone why it’s important for elected leaders in Washington to cut the Partisanship and begin working together again. According to Harmon’s website, “Our Combat Military does not care what their fellow soldiers Political Affiliations are. The only goal they have […]