Tony Katz

Twin antitrust lawsuits have been filed against Facebook by not just the Federal Trade Commissions, but also several states, including Indiana. The lawsuits allege the social media conglomerate has abused its dominance in the digital marketplace, essentially engaging in a monopoly. Ian Conner, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Competition said in a statement Wednesday […]

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton this week filed suit demanding the U.S. Supreme Court block the Electoral College votes of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin on the grounds that the election proceedings in those states violated pre-existing state laws. “These elections in other states where state law was not followed … affects my voters because these are national […]

California Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-California) was allegedly compromised by a Chinese spy who also once helped raise funds for Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), according to a report from Axios. Axios: a Chinese national named Fang Fang or Christine Fang, targeted up-and-coming local politicians in the Bay Area and across the country who had the […]

Cuomo Angry! Cuomo Smash! That’s right. The beloved Governor of New York LOST IT as a reporter asked a question that Cuomo – brother to “Fredo” – found very “obnoxious and rude.” That question: Will schools be in session tomorrow? NYC public schools announced they would close again starting Thursday. Confusion from everyone came after […]

“I’ve got a good life and I’ve worked hard for it. And I’m not given up easy.” Everyone has suffered this year from the virus itself to hospital staff and business owners. One small business man has had enough and took matters into his own hands. During a news segment on WWMT, a news station […]

Should prison inmates receive the Coronavirus vaccine in some cases before elderly persons and other vulnerable populations? It’s a controversial question to ask in a pandemic that is increasingly about political implications rather than science. In Colorado, for example, the state’s multi-phase plan under Gov. Jared Polis calls for persons considered “critical workforce” to receive […]

During a news conference Wednesday, Pro-Trump Attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell told Georgia Republicans NOT to vote in January. Powell joined Wood in calling out GA Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue stating they have not earned votes due to their lack of vocal support for the Trump investigation on voter fraud through the […]

Monday morning, former Maryland congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik posted a video to Twitter to show her followers the view from her Dallas hotel room: And then a follower tweeted this: To which some of Klacick’s followers replied: Fortunately, Klacik is a pro when it comes to handling ACTUAL racists: Well done, Ms. Klacik.

James O’Keefe revealed Tuesday morning that his organization Project Veritas has secretly recorded CNN conference calls over the span of two months. Many of the recordings involve the network’s President, Jeff Zucker. In the recordings, Zucker is heard disparaging President Trump. During a conference call on Oct. 9, he urged his staff to not “normalize” […]

The same man who wants to forgive student loan debt from private universities says he wants to cut federal funding for certain charter schools. His name is Joe Biden – and he still remembers his name on most days. Unlike President Barack Obama, who showed support for charter schools and school choice, President-elect Biden has […]