Tony Katz

Senator Mitch McConnell is the leader of the Republican Party, and it is concerning after what happened yesterday. McConnell was answering questions in Covington, Kentucky when he was asked about running for re-election. He responded by not responding. He froze for 30 seconds. This is not the first time that this has happened. He froze […]

It turns out it is not only the Democrats who hate and want to eliminate women. The courts and Vogue hate women as well. A judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by University of Wyoming sorority sisters. They wanted to block a man pretending to be a woman from joining their chapter. They were claiming he […]

There was a robbery at Gen Con on August 1. Two men from New York stole nearly $300,000 worth of gaming cards. The two men simply, rolled them out of the building on a pallet. The theft happened before the convention started, while vendors were setting up displays at various times. About a week and […]

There is a $140 million plan to renovate Indianapolis’ historic City Hall, which has been empty since 2016. Local developer TWG with city financing and support is heading up the project. “What is coming to this site is precisely what we know our city needs: more places to live, more places to work, or places […]

A gunman open fired on the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill campus. The shooting resulted in the death of one faculty member. The shooter has since been arrested, and the police are investigating the motive behind the gunman’s actions. The shots led to a lockdown on the campus and a cancellation of classes. The shots […]

Remember earlier this month when Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis tried to interfere with the election by proposing a March 4 trial date for her case against Donald Trump? That is the same day as Super Tuesday. A day where 15 states hold their primaries. However, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp did not want to […]

Join us for the return of A Night with WIBC Presented by Relay Indiana on Wednesday, October 4th at the National Historical Society. It will be a one of a kind evening filled with entertainment and thought provoking discussions featuring Tony Katz, Kendall & Casey, Hammer and Nigel, plus other WIBC personalities live on stage! This unique event brings […]

With mortgage rates being so high, Zillow Home Loans has decided to offer people mortgages with a 1% down payment to U.S. homebuyers. “Most markets are in the midst of an affordability crisis, and saving for a down payment remains one of the biggest barriers for many potential homebuyers,” Zillow said on the same day […]

After a weekend of looking at the polls, the only thing that is clear is former President Donald Trump still holds a huge lead. Everything else is hard to make sense of. Trump leads in every poll available and has Florida Governor Ron DeSantis trailing him. The social media consensus, not Tony Katz’s thought, was […]

Cell phones, abortion, and the first Republican Primary debate were three of the biggest stories Tony Katz covered this week. There has been a debate between teachers and parents on whether students should be allowed to carry phones in school. The Metropolitan School District of Martinsville has a new policy that requires students to keep […]