The Side Piece

As the housing market experiences a seasonal shift, Lafayette-West Lafayette, Fort Wayne, and Elkhart-Goshen are stand outs. They are on the list of notable markets according to the Winter 2024 Wall Street Journal/ Emerging Housing Markets Index. In this quarter’s list of the top 20 emerging housing markets, Lafayette-West Lafayette claims the 7th spot, boasting […]

During a conversation with Jason Hammer regarding Fat Tuesday, he asked “What’s a Paczki?” It’s a donut, more or less. A really dense, special donut! For those unfamiliar, Paczki (pronounced “Poonsh-kee”) are decadent pastries, rich in fat and sugar, resembling jelly filled donuts. Typically, they are coated in sugar, glaze or powdered sugar. The common […]

The 2023-24 NFL season has wrapped up, already shifting focus to the ’24-25 NFL season. We’re only two weeks away from the 2024-25 NFL Season as The NFL Scouting Combine is just around the corner. It’s slated for February 26 through March 4 in Indianapolis. NFL Scouting Combine Live Drills begin Thursday, February 29th at […]

On Sunday, coinciding with the clash between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, Las Vegas’ Chapel of the Flowers is offering free wedding ceremonies to any couples named Taylor and Travis. (insert heavy sigh). Vegas weddings are known for their unique charm and convenience. Las Vegas is one of the world’s top […]

Indianapolis is known for crowning champions. And now, those into competitive cooking will be racing to the finish line like never before. In November, Indianapolis will host the World Food Championships (WFC), a major event in “food sport competition.” The competition will draw 1,500 participants, including home cooks, chefs, and BBQ teams, from around the […]

Coffee, the drink that kick-starts the day for millions around the globe, is not merely a comforting beverage but also comes packed with a myriad of health benefits. “Iced” claims the top spot as the most favored type in the nation, closely trailed by black and cold brew. But what do we prefer in the […]

Groundhog Day is coming this Friday, February 2nd. According to folklore, if the woodchuck emerges from its burrow and sees its shadow due to clear weather, it will be frightened and retreat back into its burrow, indicating that there will be six more weeks of winter. On the other hand, if it doesn’t see its […]

This Friday marks the 23rd annual National Wear Red Day. The day is dedicated to raising awareness about heart disease. It is always observed on the first Friday in February as this day aligns with American Heart Month. Wearing red serves as a powerful gesture to spotlight the fact that heart disease stands as the […]

Here we are in the last week of January. Did you vow to change your ways on New Year’s Eve? Did you make a resolution? Common new year’s resolutions include eating healthy, working out, drinking less, creating a budget, managing stress and spending more time with family. Sure, anyone can make a resolution. It’s keeping […]

The NFL players with the highest earnings per game in 2023 You undoubtedly have heard of astronomic contracts and paydays for NFL players. How much money does your favorite NFL player make? It depends…How was the contract constructed? Which factors are we considering?  Payday depends on when the player signed and how the deal was […]