“Age isn’t a number, it’s a mind-set.” “You’re not getting older, you’re getting better”. Why do some people age gracefully and some never seem to age at all? There is a category of people in their golden years who appear to be just as active and cognitive as their younger peers.  This is a group […]

Water may be Indiana’s official beverage but it’s National Beer Day, so let’s raise a pint to one of the oldest drinks on earth! In surveys and polls over the past two decades, American drinkers consistently choose beer as their favorite alcoholic beverage. The beer industry in the United States turns annual profits of over […]

Nuclear explosions can cause significant damage and loss of life as a result from blast, heat, and radiation. Russian President Vladimir Putin has brought the war much closer to home with his decision to put his nuclear forces on high alert. What would happen in Indianapolis if a nuclear event occurred? A 1986 Nuclear Blast […]

Breadsticks & Cheese sauce…my two favorite food groups! In some US restaurants, breadsticks are soft, frequently topped with butter and garlic and served as appetizers. Many places will offer marinara or an herbed-up EVOO for dipping. How To Eat Like A Hoosier I like to dunk my breadsticks into warm melted cheese. A question was […]

Do you consider yourself middle class? Many people do as they don’t think they are rich enough for upper class and most people don’t want to say they are lower income, so middle class it is. What actually is the middle class? The Pew Research Center defines middle class, or middle-income households, as those with […]